Friday, September 14, 2007

¡Hola Corazones!

Just a little note to say thanks for all the support and warm fuzzies. I'm feeling waaaay the hell better these days and I'm well into a draft of Playa Mafia 3: Hellga's Finest Hour.

This past week has found G-man and me enjoying a bit of Septemberish compensation for The Summer That Never Was. It's been gorgeous out and every day 5 pm has equalled Chicken Wings & Lager Time on some sun-drenched deck or another.

Pues, it's Friday afternoon now. We've just returned from a 2-cocktail lunch. I'm about to roll a pinner (oh screw that, I mean a fattie, of course) and see where the rest of the day takes me.

Hedonistically yours,


PS Happy Weekend!!

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Nubbie said...

Up yours! Up both o' yours! Urm, I mean, so glad to hear you are having a good time and nice weather! G-man: I still owe you a birthday gift. I have found the thing, just not one elegant enough.

Surrounded by rednecks and gophers and slavin' for the guvmint,