Friday, June 6, 2008

You're all invited to my party!

I have to admit, my horoscopes on the Google main page are sometimes downright uncanny. Take today's, for example:

You are moving out of your comfort zone and reaching toward a new way of expressing your creativity. You may not be clear about where you are going, but you are still ready to head on out. Don't start your new venture quietly. Turn it into a party and invite the best people you know. The bigger the splash today, the better the show will be in a few months.

So? Who's bringing the gin?


Where have I been?

First off, thanks for all the great comments re: the Small, heroic actions post.

My Blogosphere buddy, Sandy from India, said "BTW, long time no see. Where were you?" I think his question deserves an answer, so here goes.

For the past year or so, I've been to:

• Despondency
• Dispiritedness
• Dejection
• Despair
• Depletion
• Desolation
• Depression (that one comes as a surprise, no?)

... And then I was in Colombia, which lovingly offered me a reprieve from all those *D* words. But I had to come home.

The good news is, I'm finally seeing a competent and compassionate shrink. I believe he'll help me find the joy and self-confidence that have eluded me for too long.

Peace, love & hippie beads,