Friday, May 23, 2008

Small, heroic actions in a big, f***ed up world

I posted this story on the forum of Manu Chao's website. (I've made a few cyber-pals there and enjoy *hanging out*.) Anyway, I thought I'd post it here too, as it got some positive response. I'm going to make a real effort to blog more frequently, so do visit again.


Those of you who have read a number of my posts know that there's a Mr.Papillon in my life, but because I don't want to make my cyber-friends puke, I generally refrain from bragging about the guy.

Well, I'm violating that personal policy now to share this little story with you. I hope it makes you smile.

The other day the two of us were walking along the seawall close to our home when we saw a small group of women standing around looking at something at the bottom of a hill. They were looking at a mama duck and her brood (10 or so) of teensy little ducklings. (Soooh f***ing cute!!) The mother seemed distressed, and one of the women pointed up the hillside to where a baby duck had gotten caught in a thorn bush. It had a branch twisted around its little neck and was struggling to get free.

The bush was several metres up, the hill very steep and full of small, loose rocks. I looked at my guy, and didn't even need to speak. He knew my expression meant "Can you please try?"

Without hesitation, up he climbed, although it was extremely difficult to keep his balance on that kind of terrain. The other women and I watched anxiously as he stretched out his arm to reach the duckling. Very tricky to take hold of the little critter without crushing it AND without falling on his ass, but he managed. Meantime, Mama Duck was going nuts, quacking up a storm, like "Get away from my kid, ya big freak!"

Mr. P slowly, carefully made his way back down the hill with the little duck held loosely in his hand. At the bottom, it squirmed out and fell (a couple of feet) into a puddle, where it gave itself a good shake and then quickly motored over to catch up with its mama and siblings. Mr. P had actually thought its neck might be broken from hanging in the bush, but miraculously, the little guy (girl?) was uninjured!! In a few seconds, it blended in with the others, and I couldn't even see which one it was anymore. (They all look the same, those duckies!)

The women (one older lady, and a couple of young ones) and I all cheered as the little family waddled away. Mr. P, well, he won an instant fan club at that moment... but *I* got to go home with him!

That's it, then. My apologies in advance if anyone lost their lunch! ;^)

Happy Weekend. Quack!


Sandy said...

Hurray for Mr. P. Now thats brave, isnt it?

By the way long time no see. where were you.

Anonymous said...

I didn't loose my lunch, but i DID toss up a light snack i had earlier, but only in my mouth. Seriously glad the little ducky got away ok.

DeLi said...

and a happy start of the week to you. as May ends and Juen is fast appraoching :-)

Kiwikaren said...

... I love cute stories with such cute endings!

Mr P ... you're a hero!