Friday, June 6, 2008

You're all invited to my party!

I have to admit, my horoscopes on the Google main page are sometimes downright uncanny. Take today's, for example:

You are moving out of your comfort zone and reaching toward a new way of expressing your creativity. You may not be clear about where you are going, but you are still ready to head on out. Don't start your new venture quietly. Turn it into a party and invite the best people you know. The bigger the splash today, the better the show will be in a few months.

So? Who's bringing the gin?



DeLi said...

thank you for the kind words Papi!!i missed you..and yep, worry not coz me have lots and lots of ebach photos to make you bluye jealous

Sandy said...

Count me in. Wheres the venue?

Papillon said...

deli - I love the beach photos. Keep 'em coming!

sandy - The venue is *virtually* everywhere! ;^)

raindog said...

well, since i guess thats my horoscope as well, count me in for the gin. :)

thanks for stopping by my every-so-often- updated blog. tom waits and the clash! superb. btw, in exactly two weeks i will finally get to see tom live! *excited shrieks*

Papillon said...

raindog - Plabonga! Good for you, Tom live is not an experience to be missed. We've been lucky enough to see him twice, and both shows were stellar... ENJOY!