Friday, July 13, 2007

Metaphoric Sympathy Fuck

Papillon: 1
Google: 0

The title words speak to me of attempting to boost someone's self esteem without actually believing in them. Is that wrong, though? Meh.

What, if anything, does Metaphoric Sympathy Fuck mean to you?


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Indeterminacy said...

I guess it's important for the individual to believe in him/herself. That's the key to self-esteem. There's always something positive to be proud of.

Thanks for the interesting comment at picture 404. I've finally answered all the comments, including that one. I love finding new blogs, though I don't always have time to do so.

Cori said...

Hmmm... this is a good one. But must first drink my coffee!!

Papillon said...

anonymous & anonymous – I'm glad one of you feels satisfied. I'm sure neither of you are ugly. IMHO, that's such a harsh word.

Indie - Thanks for dropping by again. Couldn't agree more with your thoughts on self-esteem.

BTW, I love that you're clearly a busy guy, yet you take the time to encourage others. All the best artists do, I believe.

See you soon at "your place"!

Cori - I'm drinking coffee this very minute! It goes well with pondering, doesn't it?

DeLi said...

experience has so much to do with having self esteem...takes time and is always a work in progress...of course it takes a lot from teh person her/himself

twas my first time though to encounter this word :)

Papillon said...

deli - Thanks for the comment. You've never heard the words "sympathy fuck" before? Well, I guess now that you have, they're self-explanatory, and whether I use them metaphorically or literally, some days I think a little "sympathy" is better than nothing. ;-)

BTW, I've been at both the giving and receiving ends of that. Am I speaking literally or metaphorically? I'll leave that to your imagination.