Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Never Fails to Make Me Laugh 2

"How did some slip of a girly boy from communist East Berlin become the internationally ignored song stylist barely standing before you?" – The lovably broken Hedwig of Hedwig & The Angry Inch.


Little miss said...

Ok well, I'm finally up to date on all the posts and here, beneath that beautiful slip of a girly boy, is where I shall leave my Comment.

I say this on account of I'm not much of a comment writer. In fact, feedback and speaking in general is not something that comes naturally for me.

That said, I do feel compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed catching up on all these stories this morning.

Admittedly I'm one of the lucky ones whose heard most of these tales straight from the puppy's mouth, usually over the span of a few drinks and cigarettes. (Papillon tells her stories just as well in person: She talks, I stare wide-eyed and entranced. "No WAY!" is usually my first response to every other detail.)

Anyway Miss Pup, I quite liked sipping my morning coffee and reading through your stories. Even if I've heard the meat of them before, they are still a joy to read and include new little snippits (you hacked off your power-chain for Manu!). Anyway, I'm convinced you are a gifted writer and eagerly anticipate wherever it is you decide to go with that.

As for me, I may not post again for a long time, but just know that it's not cause I don't care or I'm not inspired...I'm here and smiling.

Papillon said...

Je t'aime, little miss!

No worries about not posting for a long time... I'm not the only one around here who's gifted. Shine on, you!

BTW, of course I hacked off the fucking power chain for Manu, with G-man's eyebrow scissors, no less. Sheesh, as if the braces aren't hideous enough all on their own. I told my orthodontist later that I'd gotten a mustard stain on that stupid piece of nylon string and had to go to a wedding the next day. Tee-hee!